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Collaborate with our dedicated and well informed team of IoT developers to increase productivity, get new insights, monitor essential processes, and augment business opportunities in an efficient and cost-effective manner - IoT products and services of the finest quality, guaranteed always. Hire our expert IoT app developers to ensure a frictionless, streamlined, and highly functional digital transformation for your business. As a leading IoT app development company, GeekyAnts is known to innovate “smart” solutions to modern challenges.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is “A network of Internet connected devices/objects that are capable of collecting and exchanging data.” These devices range from common domestic items to complex industrial machines. Owing to their precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness, IoT technology has witnessed a rise in popularity, which continues to grow with the latest technological upgrades and progression.

The idea behind IoT technology is to connect all real world objects with the internet in order to sense and collect real world data, thus making our devices smarter. IoT has helped create a host of innovations such as connected cars, home automation systems, smart door locks, and smart switches, among others.

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Wearable health monitors
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  • Platforms
Wi-fi allows standard wired LAN to share Internet with other wireless devices such as your smartphone, laptop, or desktop, serving both broadband and narrowband IoT applications from a single platform that can operate at different power levels and signal ranges.
Zigbee is a low-cost, low-power mesh network that is commonly used for controlling and monitoring applications and has a range of 10-100 meters.
A short-range wireless technology standard allowing exchange of data between interconnected electronic devices, including mobile phones and computers.
A wireless technology for M2M and IoT applications that provides long range, low power, and secure data transmission; objects can be wirelessly connected to the cloud using LoRa.
LoRaWAN is an open protocol that allows IoT devices to communicate via LoRa.
A narrowband, low-power technology that efficiently, securely, and reliably transmits small amounts of two-way data.

IoT devices tell organizations what is actually happening, not what they believe or wish is happening. Businesses may get a real-time perspective of how their systems work thanks to the Internet of Things, which provides data on anything from machine performance to supply chain and logistical operations.

The Internet of Things assists businesses to automate processes and save money on staff. It also cuts waste and improves service delivery by cutting production and delivery costs and increasing transparency in consumer transactions.

With our trusted IoT app development services, create smart, dynamic, and sustainable systems for your business. As a leading IoT app development company in the US and India, GeekyAnts have over 17+ years of experience, collaborating with partners globally to create well-received, award-winning, futuristic products and services.

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