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Our stars are already shining with the new star of the development scene, Golang. Golang’s ability to handle concurrency and modularity makes it an extraordinary language to build in and our specialists are ready to throttle their way into modern solutions with Golang.


Why Golang

  • Open Source - Go is an open source procedural programming language, and this makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.
  • Backed by Google - Go is backed by Google Inc. and is used to solve Google's problems. Go's purpose is therefore not to do research into programming language design; it is about language design in the service of software engineering.
  • Build something Large - It has built-in concurrency, which enables you to carry out many processes at the same time.
  • Binary - Programs written in Go can be easily converted to binary file and those binary files can be used from the command line interface. This makes Go faster than most of the backend programming language or libraries.
  • Testing - Go internally provides testing package, which provides support for automated testing of Go packages.


dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
A scalable team of developers with a project manager for each client.
Effective Communication
Daily standups, frequent demos and instant communication with client through Slack.
End-to-End Project Management
From requirement gathering to the final delivery of the app, we handle everything.
Account Manager
A dedicated account manager for each client, available at any time.

Our Works

Learning Go Programming

A learning source for Go programming language using easy to understand topics and clear concepts. It covers 46 topics that are crucial to learning Golang.

Go Boilerplate

An API Server built using Golang and MySQL to achieve the Auth / CRUD logic.

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