Gaurav Subhash Yawale

Software Engineer - II
As a committed front-end developer with practical experience and a solid background in full-stack development, I provide a broad skill set for creating great web applications. I have a solid basis in the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack and have proven skills in frontend programming over the course of my ten months of professional experience.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, worked on a real-world project where I have taken advantage of my development skills and abilities. I was able to put what I had learned to use, get insightful new knowledge, and broaden my knowledge of the subject.
Interest & Expertise
  • Frontend Development
  • Currently started learning React Native
  • Cricket, Badminton, and Little bit of Chess
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, Bootstrap, Material-UI
HTML / CSS, JavaScript
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub
State Management
User Interface Design
NativeBase, Ant Design
Heroku, Netlify, Vercel
Express, Next.js
Visual Studio Code
Recruitment Platform
This is a comprehensive web application that simplifies the hiring process for employers, and candidates.
The platform includes an admin site, employer site, and candidate site to give all users a smooth experience.
Employers have the ability to efficiently manage the hiring process, specify job requirements, and publish jobs. For hiring purposes, they have access to capabilities including creating job postings, managing candidate pools, and customizing locations. Controlled access and effective collaboration are ensured by various user roles, including admin, location admin, HR, and job requesters.
Candidates can look over available vacancies, submit their resumes, and easily apply for jobs. The platform provides a user-friendly interface and makes it easier for companies and applicants to communicate, improving the candidate experience overall.
A chat module for real-time communication, two-factor authentication, social login for safe access, and thorough user role management are some of the key features.
Tech Stacks: Next.js, NextAuth, Storybook, Native Base, Antd, Graphql, Redux
Social App
This is a cloned social app platform where people can communicate with each other.
It is a dynamic platform that encompasses user authentication, post and story creation, management of authorized and unauthorized routes, and profile updates, providing users with a seamless and interactive social networking experience.
Tech Stacks: React, Typescript, Firebase, Jest for testing, Redux, Redux-thunk, formik & Yup, React-bootstrap and Styled Components, AuthO
Online Shopping App
This is a cloned e-commerce app that offers a seamless shopping experience for users to browse and purchase products.
The e-commerce app I worked on is a user-friendly platform that enables seamless online shopping experiences. Users can conveniently browse and purchase products within the app, providing a comprehensive shopping solution at their fingertips.
Tech Stacks: React.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Material UI
Movie App
A cloned movie app that provides users with access to a library of movies and series.
The movie app I worked on is a comprehensive platform that grants users access to a vast collection of movies and series, providing an immersive entertainment experience. Users can explore and watch a wide range of content within the app, offering endless options for their viewing pleasure.
Tech Stacks: React.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Material UI
Social Networking App
A clone of a Twitter-like app.
The app I worked on is a Twitter-like platform that includes user authentication, tweet creation and display, API development, and server-side data fetching. It provides a similar experience to Twitter, allowing users to authenticate, create tweets, and view them while leveraging server-side functionality for data retrieval.
Tech Stacks: Next Js, Typescript, Auth0, formik & Yup