Akshat Gupta

Software Engineer - II
I am happy to introduce myself as a passionate and dedicated learning enthusiast who enjoys sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I have a strong affinity towards coding in Flutter and similar technologies, and I firmly believe that technology and coding are the driving force behind our future. I am committed to giving my all to any work that is assigned to me, and I always strive to exceed expectations.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, I have worked on a diverse range of projects across several domains, including dating apps, chat applications, telecommunications software, doctor booking platforms, and more. I take pride in delivering my best work for every project I undertake, and my efforts have been recognized with certificates of appreciation from every organization I have worked for.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Love to learn new technologies
  • Love to try new tech products in market
  • Reading
  • Watching cricket
  • Travel
  • I have received letters of recommendation and appreciations during my professional career so far
  • HPE Certified Mobile Developer
  • PCAP Course Certified by Netacad
MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS, Java, Dart, Python(basic), C(basic), JS
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket
Mobile Framework & Library
Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Xcode (for ios release only)
Cloud Services
Android Studio
State Management
Provider, GetX, BLOC, setState
Dating Application
In this project, one can create a user and connect with interested people and dates online. He/she can swipe and connect to other users on different social platforms. There are different rules and ideas setup to bring this to the best innovative dating app possible.
Tech Stacks: Flutter, API integrations, Firebase
This web application allows users to create profiles and trade using currencies (blockchain and crypto). Matches are made which include different soccer players. Each user can choose and select players, and leaders, and based on that wins, and losses are calculated for each match. It is highly adaptable to different screen sizes (ranging from mobile to web browsers on desktop).
Tech Stacks: Flutter
Chatting and Calling Application
This project focussed on creating an app that uses MQTT, API’s for communication and chatting. One could call and create groups similar to what WhatsApp provides and also chat similarly. The chat could also be a group chat. Also, one could block the other user or remove/add another user to a group. It was highly scalable and reached the deployment stage. Also, the chats were end-to-end encrypted, and real-time notifications could be sent.
Tech Stacks: Flutter, firebase
Hospital & Insurance Application
In this project, the application focussed on providing hospital insurance services to the user. The user could see different schemes (API integrated) to choose from and change the schemes for higher benefits. Also, the user could see a list of hospitals available for insurance claims on a map. (google map api integrated). Also, real-time notifications for customer support were sent.
Tech Stacks: Flutter, firebase, API integration
Employee Attendance Application
This project aimed to provide the employees with a mobile app that they could use for a scan-based QR attendance system. The employee’s photo clicked automatically during the attendance, ensuring the security of the organization’s data. It was a standalone project done by me.
Tech Stacks: Flutter, firebase, MySql